Marketing strategy for business

Legal consultant: Adalex

Marketing Strategy: Lisa Tavazzani
Digital corporate communication/Web & Social Advocacy /Ceo Branding/Digital Listening and Trend watching

Location: Milan/Paris

Since 2021 we have been collaborating with Dr. Lisa Tavazzani, business consulting and project manager based in Milan and Paris.
In order to provide 360-degree consultancy in the field of Conversion Marketing, this collaboration allows to provide the customers with differentiated services, based on the respective skills of the professionals, available to companies wishing to undertake a new business or to increase the diffusion of the brand.
Specifically, we provide consultation to Italian companies in order to improve the conversion rate and we walk the clients through the process of completing a marketing plan for the business.
We have created a multidisciplinary Team -Marketing, Legal and Press Office- who works in synergy for helping business to start or grow up. Our job is focused on finding the most effective marketing strategies, considering all possible legal implications of the operations, and on the correct using and spreading of trademark together with a brand awareness strategy.
We are entirely focused on the objectives of the Customers: development of web-sites, the brand identity and the optimization of the conversion rate with a careful approach also to the technical / legal aspect of digital information and to the use of brands and licenses.
Marketing consulting is always supported by legal experience in the digital field: contracts, privacy protection, know-how protection.

Lisa Tavazzani

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