Alessia Clementi


Location: Padua/Milan

The attorney Alessia Clementi is the founder and managing partner of Adalex – Studi Professionali riuniti.
She graduated at University of Padua with the thesis about Libel- Crime against the  Reputation.

Criminal law
She continues her formation in the Criminal Law field by collaborating with the most prestigious law firm in the territory.
She manage all the phases of the criminal proceeding from the delicate phase of  preliminary investigation to all the instances in relation to all the crimes of Penal Code, Financial Crime, Tax Crime, Traffic Infraction, crime from D. Lgs. 231/2001 and Environmental Crimes.
She supports and represents the clients in order to achieve the extinction of the offense with legal rehabilitation.
A barrister at Supreme Court, she has been registered on the roll of barrister of Padua since the 2008.
Already Public Defenders she is registered in the Legal Aid register as well in order to assist clients who has the requirements to be admitted to it.
During 2021 she got the  special certification of  “Mediator for mediation in criminal and juvenile cases”, a new tool based on the concept of “restorative justice”.
She is collaborating with professional group of “Criminal and justice” that She is speaker in several conferences in criminal law, criminology and personal data protection matters (you can find them in the “Events” section).
She became consultant about the Personal Data Protection e about the Liability of Companies for the crimes committed by the leaders and persons subject to their supervision in the interest or for the benefit of the same institution regulated by D. Lgs. 231/2001.
She is entitled as “Data Protection Officer” for companies and healthcare facilities.
She got the certification in 2018  as Data Protection Officer in the following special areas: health and welfare facilities, trading sector, marketing and distribution, financial and bank sector, insurance industry.
She has co- authored the book “I reati, le sanzioni e la tutela del patrimonio aziendale nel D. Lgs 231/2001 . Situazione legislativa e giurisprudenziale aggiornata alla L. 3/2019 c.d. “Spazza Corrotti” (Cleup Editor, 2019) about administrative liabilities of companies.

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