Criminal law

The Firm offers advice on criminal law in both judicial and extrajudicial areas.
Specifically, the legal Team assists the clients in relation to proceedings concerning:

  • corporate and bankruptcy crimes
  • financial crimes
  • crimes against property
  • job security
  • tax offenses
  • amministrative offenses of entities dependent on a crime pursuant to Legislative Decree 231/2201

In addition to assistance in the field of corporate law and tax crimes, our Team deals with all type of crimes from cases against the person to those against property, against the Public Administration and the Administration of justice, against Trade and the Environment.
We also deal with the Consolidated Law about Narcotic Substances (Presidential Decree 309/1990) and the Consolidated Law on Immigration (Legislative Decree 286/1998).
We fully assists the client in all phases of Criminal proceeding, including the execution and before the Surveillance Court.
The Firm pays particular attention to the Preliminary Investigations phase during which multiple activities can be carried out in order to avoid the Trial phase which entails an important emotional and economic burden for the client.
Therefore we focused, where appropriate, on defensive investigations pursuant to art. 391 bis et sec C.p.p.

Animals Welfare. Adalex offers assistance in relation to jobs that involve animals as for example companies, breeders, shopkeepers. The Firm helps privates as well  in relation to whatever issue as claim of damages coming from animals, mistreatments, damage of third parties, cruelty to animals.

Practise area

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